Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have severe waiting anxiety

Yeah I really do..today my car was in the shop getting the brakes done and I needed someone to pick me up from home to bring me the mechanic to pick up my car.

I luckily got a ride and they said they would be here at 11am..great I thought because at that same time my job called and asked me to come in early. I really wanted to because it would be considered overtime for me and LOVE me some overtime (time and a half baby!) So I told her my situation with the car and told her I should be there soon.

So 11am rolls around and no ride, my anxiety actually started around 10:50am because I had an odd feeling that my ride would not show up on time. At 11:15am I get a text from my ride stating he will be here in 45min because something came up..I was upset, but I can not control this and I did need a ride. So 12pm roll around (45min later) and still no ride! NOW I am MAD because my job called me and said that they no longer needed me because someone else was willing to come in..URGH..I just lost potential overtime over this! boy was I upset and nervous about when my ride was coming..what do I do while I wait for someone for a time that I have no idea when they are realing coming. I didn't really want to start something and then not finish it or have to leave it in 5 min or 1 min..the anxiety kills me! He finally shows up at 12:17pm and I got my car..FINALLY! BUT my overtime is gone and I was really sad about that..that is why I HATE HATE HATE relying on other people..you are on their time and I don't like being on anyone else's time other than mine. I honestly had no other option. I am going to try my darnest to avoid situations like this in the future.

AND yes I get this frustated when doctors appointments are late or any appointment for that matter. I show up early because I value and respect your time and my time, but then that courtesy is never returned. If a doctor is running last, at least tell me so I can decide if I want to reschedule or wait it out...JEEZE!


  1. This is on my list of things which can cause an anxiety attack. I don't like having to depend on others. I've been let down so many times, found myself in really bad situations because of it.

  2. I HATE when doctor appointments run late! They expect you to show up on time and you get chastised if you're even a few minutes behind but it's absolutely no big deal to them if the doctor is HOURS behind schedule!!! And you're just expected to wait patiently...then pay them some ridiculous amount of money for the "privilege"...grrr! :)

  3. @Aro-That is how I feel to...it seems like it just that much easier when I only have myself to depend on BUT in the long run it drains me out so much..I have no idea how to find a happy medium..sounds like a topic for my next post..lol

    @stephtee- I so agree, just have a tad bit of respect and let us decide if we want to wait that long..no matter how you slice it, we end up paying for it, so don't waste my time and money!