Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Realism of it all..

Yeah..we all say we want the truth. Have you ever heard these quotes run out of someones mouth before:

"No, honestly"
"Just be honest to me, I can handle it"
"Why do people talk shit about me behind my back, they should just say it to my face"
"Just confront me on it, I don't bite"
"I just want to know how it is going to be"

YEAH..ever try confronting these people who bitch like this and ACTUALLY tell them the truth?
I do sometimes, I can be a pretty blunt person and sometimes I am not always tactful..annndd..sometimes I do not choose my words very wisely...ehh..I guess those could be some of my cons..

For example, I once let something slip and told  co-worker A that co-worker B was saying some not so nice things about her. I am typically not this type of person, but screw it, we are all human and it happened. Well, co-worker A got mad at B and B suspected I said something because she didn't tell very many people about this. Whatever, whatever, I caused a bit of drama..I kinda felt bad and co-worker B is always rantin and ravin.."if you got something to say to me, just say it my face, we can just work it out" Well, guess what, I confronted co-worker B, "MANED UP" so to say on what I told A and apologized.  Well, she didn't know how to act when I approached her, she likes talking SMACK so much that she has no idea what do when someone is actually respectful to her and tells her the truth. SO, she just rolled her eyes, said fine it's no big deal and tried to ignore me. The next day she is going around telling people that she can't believe I apologized and that she does not like me..blah,blah,blah..but if you got something to say, just say it to my face right??? I swear I don't get people..

I know, I should have never told my co-worker what she said, it was not my place, nor my business, BUT I did OWN up to it. NOTHING is ever good enough..some people are just addicted running their mouth! I am not expecting her to kiss the ground I walk for an apology, but just take it like a woman..

So here is another one. I am at my hospice volunteer class and it is our last class before we start doing "REAL" volunteering. I have a lot of experience in health care field so I am not as nervous as the other people.

When we start working with the patients, we have to first be trained by members of the health care team (most likely with C.N.A's) to get us all accustomed to the floor and they way they do things there. Our instructor mentions that some C.N.A's do not like to train volunteers and some is totally their choice if they want to. So one of the women in the class ask, "Well what if I get paired with one who does not want help?" The instructor simply replies, "we know who they are and you will not be paired with them" Then the women goes " Well why wouldn't they want to help us anyways, they should be fired then because we are just there to help them"

WHOA WHOA WHOA!! You know my hand goes up at that moment to respond! I gave her the honest truth from my own aid experience, in a respectful manner as to why some aids may not want to train a volunteer. I simply explained that A.) it is difficult to train someone who does not have a medical background B.) some health care workers are VERY set in their ways and C.) (this is me) they do not trust new people to the resident that they have spent so much time with, who they know very well and just do not want to deal with smarty pants newbies, who want to tell me how to do my job or criticism me before they even know what is going on...(okay so I did not say that last part but I thought it for sure)

Well she didn't like that answer and she got mad. BUT that is honestly some of the reasons I have heard from other aides as to WHY they do not like to train others, BUT there are lots of other that really do like to train, but to imply that someone should be fired for not wanting to train is just ridiculous. I gave her an honest answer from experience and she got MAD..WTF lady!

I personally get very cautious around new people at my job because I have seen some very bad aids and I care to much about my residents, to let someone who has no idea what they are doing ( or someone who thinks they know exactly what they doing without having a clue in the world) just go in there. Don't give me tidbits on a resident I have known for years that you just met an hour ago and don't just stand there and twiddle your thumbs either. I know that is the whole purpose of training and learning, BUT I am still so cautious and it seems like 85% of my co-workers are the same way. If you want to be part of our team, you really need to prove yourself, we are kind of hard on the newbies (but we kind of have to be, Alzheimer is not and easy disease at all and we are dealing with sick human lives here) and god help you if one of the girls does not like you for any will not last long there at all, but that is a can be discussed at different time...on another post..

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  1. You sound like a person who is well on their way of becoming self aware. Kudos for owning up to your slip and being the bigger person.
    Your coworkers or classmates on the other hand? They don't sound so mature from what you've described of them. Just remember that it's their problem, not yours.