Sunday, March 13, 2011

I NEED this!

Honestly, I should go to a therapist BUT it would cost me $40 a damn week and I could have that kind of money but I would rather spend that somewhere else instead of giving it to some DR trying to push meds down my throat while pretending to listen me.

Instead, I'm going to use all of you as my therapist. I need to vent, rant and bitch. I need unbiased advice.

A quick disclaimer on me. I tend to be honest, maybe to honest. If you knew me in person, I would be that loud girl that is always speaking her mind and blurting out her opinions even if you didn't ask me. I tend to curse and use slang at times, so beware. I am going to try to be as uncensored as possible on this blog. I NEED to, if I am ever going to help myself or even expect others to help me.

This blog may not have all happy posts. There may be sad or depressing posts, it just all depends on how I am as the days go on. One thing I can guarantee, is that you will learn about me. You will learn about my past, present and future.


  1. I think this is a really great idea!
    All the best for this blog hun xx :)

  2. thanks! I really appreciate your support :)